Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The junior Senator from Aetna and Bad Publicity

Imagine the surprise, Dear Gentle Reader(s), to learn that a Google search of “Senator from Aetna,” which yields some 300,000+ mentions, list both Senator Dodd and Senator Lieberman. 

(Wow!  That’s some power for an insurance company, eh wot?)

Ergo, the “junior” for Mr. Lieberman.

Mr. Lieberman’s obstructionism and flip-flopping on the issue of the current health care legislation wending its way through the Senate is much in the news lately.  What isn’t mentioned too often is the benefit which accrues to Aetna through his machinations.  While it’s OK, to make a profit, it isn’t OK for a company to accrue as much bad publicity as is going to Aetna during this time.

If you had an option between Aetna and some other company wouldn’t the antics of Senator Lieberman influence your decision?  Wouldn’t you go somewhere else? 

If you would, you might take this opportunity to send Aetna a little email telling them so.  Here’s an address should you care to let Aetna know that bad publicity from Mr. Lieberman’s actions does the company little good.

Trust, but verify.

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