Thursday, December 31, 2009


At last someone in the “mainstream” blogosphere has put it out there for all to read:

This is a deep struggle in the Muslim soul - a struggle to come to terms with its own sectarian past, the bloodiness of some of its scriptures, and the real and present threat of modernity as it crashes down on their medieval order with the power of technology they cannot control.

The paragraph appears in a posting by Andrew Sullivan on The Daily Dish.  “…the bloodiness of some of its scriptures…” is a powerful statement, and a challenge to all moderate Muslims to begin to dismantle so much of “their medieval order” which is causing all peoples of the world concern, and the daily blood of so many ordinary Muslim citizens in so many countries.

Those young Muslim men who think jihad is “cool” are wrong.  They should do a little more thinking and praying.

Trust, but verify.  And thanks to Sullivan.


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