Saturday, September 26, 2009

Strange People

Dear Gentle Reader(s), there’s something quite unusual about some of our compatriots.  They have an unusual world view.

On the September 25 edition of the KCRW-FM show, “Left, Right, and Center,” Tony Blankley asserted that global warming is a “hoax.”

The New York Times September 26 edition carries an op-ed entitled, “The Thaw at the Roof of the World.”  It seems there’s a Tibetan glacier which is shrinking—some 830 feet in two decades.  This glacier is part of a larger glacier system which feeds many of the rivers in Asia.  As the glaciers melt, there will be an abundance of water.  After they’ve melted?  Hmmm.

On Tuesday Meg Whitman announced her run for the GOP nomination for governor of California.  The usual mantra follows—lower taxes, smaller government, etc., etc.

On Saturday the Times publishes “Cuts Ravage California Domestic Abuse Program.”  There are fewer and fewer places for battered women and for their children to seek shelter because of California’s budget crisis.

No global warming, no need protection of abused women, no need for protection of children of battered women, no need for health care for poor children, no need, in effect, for responsible taxation. 

No vision.


Trust, but verify.

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