Tuesday, September 29, 2009

“Protection?” What are they thinking?

Here’s a bit of a mystery, Dear Gentle Reader(s).  The headline in The Desert Sun’s online edition reads:

Group seeks to limit services for children of undocumented

Measure would require ‘foreign' stamp on birth certificates

The “group” is unnamed, but the cause for which they’re collecting signatures is “The California Taxpayer Protection Act 2010.”

Does California need this sort of protection?  How do Californians benefit from under educated children who become ill educated adults?  How do Californians benefit from children with health problems set loose in population centers?

And just how much truth is in their claim that taxpayers are footing the bill for children of illegals to the detriment of other children with “legal” parents?

Here’s an interesting tidbit included in a sidebar next to the main story:

In 2006, a Desert Sun analysis found undocumented immigrants pump nearly $1.5 billion annually into the Riverside County economy while costing residents roughly $220 million for the social services they use.

Taxpayers seem to benefit from “illegals” here in Riverside County.

Group claims to have gathered 100,000 signatures toward a needed 433,971 to make the June ballot of 2010. 

There’s something shameful about this effort.

Group has the right to seek signatures for their petition.

The rest of us,

Trust, but verify.

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