Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai “Terrorists”

Isn’t it time, Dear Gentle Reader(s), that the world’s press, as well as everyone else, stop using any form of “terrorist” in describing the murderous atrocities which are being inflicted upon hapless citizenry?

For instance, this afternoon, The New York Times, reporting on the atrocious bombings and subsequent fighting in Mumbai, uses “terrorist” in the first paragraph, but it isn’t until the 6th paragraph in which the possible culprits are identified:  Islamist or Hindi extremists both have been active in India in recent months.

If these killers are working at the behest of some religious leader, then that leader’s religion must be held accountable for not controlling its extremist adherents.

Terrorist is no longer sufficient, if the murderer is killing in the name of a deity.

Murder in the name of God is not terror; it is blasphemy.

Trust, but verify.

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