Thursday, November 6, 2008

Alas and Alack

Andrew Sullivan calls them "Christianists."  His purpose, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is undoubtedly to connect the extremism of some Christians with the extremism of some Moslems.  It seems appropriate; they are both dangerous in their own ways.

The Christianists, though, might have a little surprise.  The man for whom the movement is named, was not nearly so un-Christian as they, and won't they be surprised to discover, upon their deaths, that Jesus will turn his back on them because they followed the teachings of mere mortals who were more concerned with enriching their own "brand" of the religion for their own lust for power and lucre.

The Bible is such a convenient excuse for Christianist bad behavior, even if its provenance is suspect.  Who cares about authority and authenticity? 

Christianism--R.I.P. (Roast in Pain)

Trust, but verify (and if they did, they might be a little more humble).

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