Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cinematic Oddities

There is at least one person, Dear Gentle Reader, who thinks that the director of Eyes Wide Shut, upon seeing a final cut of his latest cinematic offering, was so aghast at what he'd foisted upon the world that he took it upon himself to leave this mortal plane immediately.

[There is absolutely no factual evidence anywhere that this is true. No doubt the claim is hyperbolic, invented to display the person's disdain for the movie.]

Now we have There Will Be Blood. Unfortunately. It is a crashing bore.

Perhaps Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences voters have been hoodwinked by movie pundits into thinking TWBB is worthy of an award nomination, but you, DGR(s), have been warned. More than one has gone to the theatre to cheer, but stayed to jeer.*

Trust, but verify.

*(That last bit is an hommage to the advertising genius who developed the campaign for the release of Batman serials in a feature length cut.)

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