Friday, February 1, 2008

Brooks in a barrel

Tsk! No, Dear Gentle Reader(s)! Not that kind of a barrel! The barrel in which one shoots at fish.

Dear, dear David Brooks pens this wonderful sentence--"He [Senator McCain] has some excellent ideas, like his plan to control health care costs, which he doesn’t explain well"--in his column today.

Tsk #2. Dave, poopsie, what do you mean? If the idea is not well explained, then how do you know it's "excellent?"

Probably a slip of the metaphorical pen, eh? Editor out to lunch? Or does Senator McCain have a minion going around to right wing pundits clarifying his ideas so that they become "excellent?"

Excellent ideas without clear explanation are probably not that excellent--especially an idea about health care. Isn't that buying a pig in a poke?

Trust, but verify.

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