Sunday, January 20, 2008

Muckroom Follies 1.20.07 Redemption*

An exception which proves the rule, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is a joy in the case of wallowing in the Townhalldotcom muckroom. Today, January 20, 2008, presents such an exception via a column by Jackie Gingrich Cushman, "Being Comfortable in Your Own Skin." It might be worth a visit and thought.

The piece is a contemplation on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Money quote: "If we really are to live the dream of Dr. King, skin color and religious background should be mere descriptors, and the focus should be on the person inside – the content of the character and how this character is reflected in everyday activities and actions.
Make sure you feel comfortable with whom you are as a person. After all, you did not create the skin, just the person who lives inside it

It's a riff on Shakespeare's "to thine own self be true," but it's a good riff, and the basic thought is worth remembering often.

Trust influences, but verify their ultimate value to ourselves.

*The muckroom is most often filled with droppings, but every once in a while a column appears which makes the trudging worth while.

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