Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Muckroom Follies 1.09.08 Shooting fish in a barrel

Too easy. Too easy. Waaaay too easy.
Over at the Townhall Muckroom today, it's possible, Dear Gentle Reader(s), to read a little self-puff piece by one Andrew Tallman entitled "Why Aren't Christians Smarter?"

Here's a cut from Tallman's first paragraph, Have you ever wondered why Christians aren’t smarter? I mean, we have the only true religion, we have a Book which is responsible for all of Western Civilization, and we serve a God who can safely call Himself the supreme champion at every trivia contest.So why aren’t we smarter?

And here, DGR(s), is the answer: Because religions are based on metaphor! And you forgot to pay attention in language class to the importance of and uses of and inherent dangers of METAPHOR!

Ahem. Excuse me. There's a tendency to shout when someone doesn't seem to understand a point during its first presentation.

Trust, but verify.


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1 comment:

  1. OK, I know this is a radical thought, but isn't the God of Christianity, Judiasm and Islam all the same deity? What most so-called Christians seem to be too stupid to figure out is that it's all the same God, just worshipped in different ways. And I say so-called because they call themselves that without really understanding what their faith means. For example, the most idiotic comments from "Christians" comes from their quotes of the Old Testament, which as I was taught to believe, was revoked by the new covenant made possible by that dude called Jesus. And what Christians seem to miss is that even Jews, whose book they love to quote from their narrow-minded beliefs on gays and so forth, understand the methaphor in their sacred text.
    Christians aren't smarter because they rely on flawed humans to interpret for them what they should believe, without using critical thought. As you have pointed out so many times, my friend, the good book is full of metaphor (Earth created in 6 days, etc.). Isn't it amazing that those sinners who purport to believe that he who is without sin shall cast the first stone are far too busy chucking rocks to truly love their neighors.


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