Thursday, November 22, 2007

Townhall Follies v 11.22.07

Over at Take That, I'm fond, Dear Gentle Reader(s), of using a mild epithet for much of the thinking presented at In the interest of promoting civility in my political discourse, I shall not use the same language here at Trust, But Verify. (I might privately be thinking it; I will abjure using it...and I'll offer up the resulting goodness points for the poor souls in Purgatory. [modest blush]) That said, I have a notion or two to offer:

Jared Lorence: The ACLU and Its Allies: Standing in Need of Prayer
The ACLU?s perennial lawsuits attacking our nation?s religious heritage are backfiring, and that?s something for which you can give thanks this year. Note that the ACLU has never attacked "our nation's religious heritage." It has attacked many attempts to have some government entities "establish" some sort of religious recognition.

Victor Davis Hanson: With Iraq Improving, Will Neocon Ideas Return?
More than seven months ago, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., claimed that Iraq was ?lost.? But that was hardly the case. In fact, Sunni insurgents were just beginning to turn on al-Qaida and join us. Two points here--is V.D. implying the "neocon ideas" deserve to return? On what possible grounds, that they were so worthy? So effective? So well developed?; is it really the case that Iraq is not "lost?" By what criteria? Have Sunni insurgents really "joined" us? Is a mutual pact to diminish effectiveness (!) of the death dealing "other" insurgents really a joining with long term possibilities?

William Rusher: What's Wrong With a Flag Pin in Your Lapel?
I am an American who wears a small American-flag pin in my lapel. Few people have ever mentioned it to me, favorably or otherwise, but I am aware that some individuals are quietly offended by the practice. Nah. The lapel pin is fine; one might question the motive of pundits who support an administration which has had a long history of various assaults on the Constitutional system of checks and balances. What's that old saying, Patriotism is a refuge of scoundrels? If it's not a saying, this might be a good time for it. It's not the pin in the lapel; it's whose lapel, and for what reason is the pin in the lapel?

Patrick J. Buchanan: Freedom vs. Equality
It began thus: "The House on Wednesday approved a bill granting broad protections against discrimination in the workplace for gay men, lesbians and bisexuals. Poor Pat--still carping about giving his gay relatives the same job and other civil protections which he enjoys. What's that other old saying...? "Doth protest too much..."?

That's enough. You, DGR(s), get my drift.

Trust, but verify.

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