Monday, November 12, 2007

Good News at Last....but...

Military news out of Baghdad is good, and there are accounts of it all over the media, including, "Iraq Rocket, Mortar Fire at 21-Month Low."

Any lessening of death, injury, and destruction in Iraq is good news.

This story, by AP writer Lauren Frayer, includes some analysis about the reasons for this "low." Included are remarks by Maj. Gen. Rick Lynch,"commander of U.S. forces south of the capital."

Here is a money quote: "[General Lynch] attributed the sharp drop in attacks to the American troop buildup, the setup of small outposts at the heart of Iraqi communities, and help from thousands of locals fed up with al-Qaida and other extremists."

Dear Gentle Reader, please note the first "reason:" the American troop buildup. Let us hope the good general, as well as the general American public, will keep in mind that another American General, Eric Shinseki, called for a massive troop buildup prior to the invasion of 2003. For his temerity in suggesting the need for more peace keeping troops than the Administration was willing to deploy, Shinseki was effectively shunted aside.

One can only speculate what our position in Iraq would be now had the Administration followed the advice of the General. For certain, the "surge" has had some positive effects.

Good. Why did it come so late in the game? Who will be called to account?

Trust, but verify.

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