Friday, May 11, 2007

Memo to Dick: Well, yes...but...

The May 11, 2007, US CENTCOM news feed features a story by Sgt. Sara Wood which briefly outlines the remarks Vice President Cheney made in Tikrit this week.

The VP is to be admired for going to Iraq to do some morale building. The troops deserve no less.

There are a couple of quotes in the article, however, which might give one pause. Sgt. Wood writes, "Al Qaeda terrorists have chosen Iraq as the central front in their worldwide campaign against freedom," and she quotes Mr. Cheney, "...this [Iraq] is where they’ve decided to fight..."

Actually, Sgt. Wood and Mr. Cheney, it was the Bush administration who decided to "fight" in Iraq. Al Qaeda of 9/11 was on its last legs in Afghanistan until we decided to depose Hussein. The Al Qaeda engaged in Iraq is a distant relative from the Al Qaeda which masterminded and executed 9/11. It does no good to confuse the history of the ideological struggle in which we find ourselves.

Sgt. Wood wrote good article, and Mr. Cheney gave a good speech.

A reading of the content of the article and the speech, however, reminds us to Trust, But Verify.

(If you don't know about the email briefings from US CENTCOM, you should. This is the link for the homepage of United States Central Command. The page offers a spot to sign up for "US CENTCOM latest news feed." Go there and sign up. Now!)

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