Thursday, May 17, 2007

100 Million "Minorities"

Our Palm Springs Gannett outlet, The Desert Sun, leads with the USA Today story based on recent Census population estimates.

Indicative of future shifts is the statistic that Hispanic students are increasing in our schools while "white" students are decreasing in number.

Among the many items of interest indicated by this growth of "minorities," is the discussion of ethnic "counts."

Perhaps when the subcategories of ethnicity were introduced during the Nixon administration they were a cultural necessity for correcting some imbalances in our society.

The question today is whether those subcategories are still useful or whether they have become detrimental to the "melting pot" concept of our system of government.

Perhaps it's time to stop asking a person's ethnicity. We're all Americans--all U.S. citizens--all one nation--with liberty and equality for all.

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