Thursday, July 15, 2010

La papiere grizzly…WTF?!?

Much, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is being made of S. Palin’s recent “Mama Grizzly” speech, with emphasis being given to the number of people who have watched portions, at least, of the speech.

Some 368,000 of us have tuned into the You Tube, it seems.  However, only some 33,000 have watched from the vantage of her Facebook page.

I watched, I confess, out of a sense of knowing the “enemy.”

Everlasting shame on John McCain and William Kristol for unleashing this political nightmare on the United States of America.

(And everlasting shame on the educational system, of which I played a part for 35 years, for not preparing the American public’s ability to spot dubious logic.)

Trust, but Verify.

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