Monday, June 14, 2010


Here, dear Gentle Reader(s), is a quote from The New York Times’ Ross Douthat:  “the peculiar left-wing misogyny that greeted Palin’s candidacy.”

Misogyny greeted Palin’s candidacy?  Really?  How?  When?  Wasn’t Palin’s introduction back in August, 2008, a “Wow!” moment?  Didn’t she walk up those steps full of confidence and energy, ready to take on the job?  Yes. 

True, just a couple of weeks later, when the true Palin readiness to step into the Oval Office became more apparent (she wasn’t), the shine of her candidacy began to fade, but was that misogyny?

How was it misogyny that the first true blow to Palin’s luster come with the Katie Couric interview?  That was a female journalist asking, appropriately, somewhat substantive questions of the candidate, and the candidate was woefully unprepared to provide answers. 

That’s not misogyny, that’s preparation—and lack of preparation.

Douthat, sadly, has fallen into the pattern of the naysayers of “conservatism” of the early 21st century:  History doesn’t quite fit?  Re-write it.

Trust, but verify.

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