Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The more we know…

…the better it sounds.

The Health Care Reform bill signed into law this morning has some features which have not been given much airing.  Ezra Klein, over at a Washington Post blog, offers this:

“Transparency and the health-care reform bill”  …hospitals will have to post prices. Insurance products will be presented with standardized information, consumer ratings and quality measures. The payments physicians take from drug and device companies will be in a public database. There will be independent funding for research on the relative effectiveness of different treatments. Some of these changes are small and some are big, but put together, the system is going to become a lot more visible in the coming years.

This is what the Republicans, such as my own Representative Bono (BoNO), find to be “socialism?”  They say “NO” to this transparency?

Trust, but verify.

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