Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quo Vadis, Washington Post?

The Washington Post has come under fire lately for taking on a bit of a rightward bias on its editorial pages.  In an on-line, unsigned editorial one might find some fairly damning evidence to support that charge.  In it, the Post defends the recent decision of the Office of Professional Responsibility in the Justice Department to say “tsk-tsk” to the Yoo, Bybee infamous torture memos.

No punishment for torture memos' authors, but no exoneration, either” might sound well-reasoned, for a short piece, in the mind of a neo-con or tea bagging partisan, but it ought to raise an eyebrow or two with almost everyone else.

You might, Dear Gentle Reader(s), read the editorial for yourself.  I just want to quote from the final sentence in which the WaPo writer stated these “…lawyers provided cover for reprehensible and abusive techniques that stained the country's reputation and diminished its moral standing in the world.”

The Nuremberg trials settled what should be done to such lawyers under those circumstances, didn’t it?  Perhaps not, suggests this editorial.

Should we follow the lead of The Washington Post in this case?

Trust, but verify.

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