Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why is it “None Dare Call It Blasphemy?”

Each of the world’s “religions of the book” have some adherents which proclaim that their “book” is the word of “God” in such a way that somehow limits divine pronouncements to the far past.  At the same time, there is, at least in the Christian confession, an acknowledgement that humans cannot “know” the mind of “God.”  If the adherents of Judaic and Islamic theology also have such an acknowledgement, why, then, are these religions hobbled by a concept that the Divinity stopped revealing certain “truths” 1400, 2100, or 5400 years ago?  Isn’t holding that God stopped talking to Mankind centuries ago some sort of hubris?  Isn’t it presuming to know what God’s plan might be?  Isn’t it a virtual blasphemy?

How dare these people proclaim that they have the “last” of God’s words?  How do they know that? 

How dare people preach that God wants death in His name? 

How dare they deliver sermons making women second class creatures of the race?

How dare they have prayers thanking God for not making them women?

How dare “mainstream” religionists not publicly chastise extremists?

How dare they not hurl epithets against religious suicides?

How dare they all blaspheme?!?

Trust, but verify.

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  1. Since when did Jews [ post-Masada ] engage in or fail to condemn *religious suicide* ?
    When did Jews preach that Adonai wants death in his name ?
    As for confronting their own extremists, it is the State of Israel which outlawed the *Kach* movement of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane.
    Re *last words*, is it not the shared understanding, across Christian traditions, that Divine Revelation has been completed ?
    Tom Carew, Dublin City, Ireland.

  2. Good for modern Jews. When did they renounce the genocides of the Old Testament?
    Now, about those guys who pray in thanksgiving for not being a woman?

    If it is "shared understanding" that Divine Revelation has been completed, who began the discussion about that "understanding?" When did it end? How did they come to the decision? And wasn't that decision, if it is "shared" in itself a level of hubris which approaches blasphemy? How dare they?

    Thanks for the update about Kahane.

    Thank you for the comment. I learned.


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