Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Different Ayatollah?

Here, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is a clip from a posting by Andrew Sullivan on his blog, “The Daily Dish.”  The posting concerns a statement issued by a reformist cleric Ayatollah Montazeri who comments, in part, on the current demonstrations in Iran:

1- A legitimate state must respect all points of view. It may not oppress all critical views. I fear that this lead to the lost of people’s faith in Islam.

2- Given the current circumstances, I expect the government to take all measures to restore people’s confidence. Otherwise, as I have already said, a government not respecting people’s vote has no religious or political legitimacy.

3- I invite everyone, specially the youth, to continue reclaiming their dues in calm, and not let those who want to associate this movement with chaos succeed.

4- I ask the police and army personals not to “sell their religion”, and beware that receiving orders will not excuse them before god. Recognize the protesting youth as your children. Today censor and cutting telecommunication lines can not hide the truth.

I pray for the greatness of the Iranian people.

So, there are some clerics in Iran who do not wish to reside in the Dark Ages any longer.

Let’s hope the Iranian people come out of this with better lives.

Trust, but verify.

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