Friday, August 1, 2008

Gray Lady's Muckroom 8.1.08

Ah, Dear Gentle Reader(s), the Grey Lady (aka The New York Times) is responding to recent right wing criticism about the decision not to publish an op-ed piece by Senator McCain by publishing a hit piece by one Eric Egland, Major, U.S.A.F.

Maj. Egland's piece is entitled "Allies Obama Overlooked."  In it he discloses the fact of intelligence agencies' history of cooperation with one another in the continuing struggle against terrorist cells.  It's an interesting piece, and it's an important piece.  If you have time, do read it.

It falls under a "hit piece" in the final paragraphs:

In 2004, J. Cofer Black, the State Department’s coordinator for counterterrorism, testified about the success of these partnerships before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee’s subcommittee on European affairs. Had Senator Obama, who now heads that subcommittee, read the transcripts from the meeting, which took place before he came to office, or had he held a similar hearing, he might have known that the partnerships he called for last week already exist.

After years of investment and sacrifice, Americans and Europeans deserve accurate information about our efforts to defeat international terrorism, especially from a prospective commander in chief.

One assumes a patriot, DGR(s), would have sent this information to a "prospective commander in chief."  One must assume a partisan politician, in an Air Force officer's uniform, would rather use the information to belittle and disparage.  One could be wrong.  Best to

Trust, but verify.

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