Saturday, July 19, 2008

Tunnels and Horizons

Ah, Dear Gentle Reader(s), if you have any memory of the '60's, you will, no doubt, remember the infamous "light at the end of the tunnel."

The first decade of the 21st century now has an equally fatuous catch phrase, uttered by the White House, in defense of its changing policy regarding the use of United States' troops in the occupation of Iraq:

"In the area of security cooperation, the President and the Prime Minister agreed that improving conditions should allow for the agreements now under negotiation to include a general time horizon for meeting aspirational goals --"

The metaphors are interesting.  That "light" turned out to be quite elusive.  The "horizon," on the other hand, is illogical, or, on second thought, perhaps it is more apt than the light.

Horizon, DGR(s), is, actually, unattainable.  By definition, the horizon remains in place...somewhere about 33 miles off in the distance.  Is the Bush administration trying to tell us that the forces will be deployed until the horizon is reached?  If so, that's sad, because we cannot ever get  there.   Alas.

Well, we are a nation of persons who have accepted greed as a worthy quality...sub-prime mortgages (for the brokers as well as the mortgagees) for instance, so we might well fall for this absurdity.

One hopes not.

Trust, Dear Gentle Reader(s), but please verify.

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