Friday, June 27, 2008

Energy: Oil Drilling, Photovoltaic Panels...To drill but not to collect?

Energy policies are not quite in equilibrium, Dear Gentle Reader(s). While, on the one hand, President Bush is pushing Congress to open more fields for oil drilling, on the other hand, The New York Times reports the administration is "freezing" solar energy projects.

Now, remember, DGR(s), the projects to provide more oil won't be "on line" for some 10 years. Even then, they won't do much to alleviate the energy problems we have now. Photovoltaic solar energy projects are already providing some energy--here in Southern California, for instance. Large scale projects would put more of this solar electricity on the grid sooner than oil will flow from the Alaska projects.

What's going on? Is this administration so committed to the oil industry that it would deliberately impede development of a non-petroleum based energy source?

Ask your Republican friends about this.

Trust, but verify.

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