Thursday, December 13, 2007

Lawrence v. Mitt (in absentia)

In case you missed it, on last week's McLaughlin Group, Lawrence O'Donnell in very strong terms explained how the Mormon church has had a long racist history. O'Donnell's comments have hit a couple of nerves.

Over at the Huffington Post Ryan J. Davis has penned a defense of O'Donnell: Lawrence O'Donnell was right about Mormonism. It's a fun piece to read.

There was an additional moment in the broadcast which Davis doesn't mention, but which I think, Dear Gentle Reader(s), is notable. O'Donnell looked at each member of the panel and said something to the effect that none of his fellow panelists believed for one moment most of whatever they knew of Mormon theology. "You don't believe in it, and you know it." Or something like that.

Yea! Ryan J. Davis. Hooray, Lawrence O'Donnell.

Trust Mitt? Verify first!!!!

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